Now is the Time, the Time is Now

“Isaka Shamsud-Din painted this mural in 1989 at the Irvington Covenant Church on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Shaver Street in Portland, Oregon. It was part of a program designed to train and employ promising young artists, enhance the cityscape, foster a sense of community pride and aid in revitalization efforts in the area. Now is the Time, the Time is Now is about education, the importance of history, identity for the African American community and knowledge of where they came from.

The mural was created with a second companion mural on the south side of the building designed by Shamsud-Din and painted by the artists Paul Odighizuwa, Charlotte Lewis, and Kathy Pennington. Regrettably this second mural was destroyed in fall, 2009 due to necessary construction on the building.

This mural depicting King and other prominent black Americans is one of the oldest murals in Portland,. Teenage apprentices helped him paint the 70-by-20-foot mural, which took the summer and fall of 1989. It was funded through Percent for Art – Multnomah County, Private Industry Council. It has been anthologized in several art books.”

Brief video at:



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