Tomorrow: PUSHIT! [exercise 1 in getting well soon]… on MLK Boulevard

US WEST COAST PREMIERE: Can resistance be choreographed? PUSHIT!, a site-responsive performance by NIC Kay, is a meditation on emotional labor and the impossibility of the stage as a place of freedom for the Black performer. This work is part of a larger set of exercises in getting-well-soon. Tuesday’s performance is in Piedmont, setting off from the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard & Lombard.


NIC Kay is from the Bronx, currently occupying several liminal spaces. They are a person who makes performances and creates/organizes performative spaces. They are obsessed with the act and process of moving the change of place, production of space, position, and the clarity/meaning gleaned from the shifting of perspective. NIC’s current transdisciplinary projects explore movement as a place of reclamation of the body, history, and spirituality.

NIC has shown work, spoken on panels, and hosted workshops at numerous venues throughout the United States, and Internationally. In 2016, they developed a web series called the Bronx Cunt Tour around their debut solo performance lil BLK for Open TV, which premiered in April, 2016. NIC Kay was a 2017 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Van Lier Fellow in New York City.

Run time: 120 min.

Mobility Note: Full performance viewing requires walking for approximately 3 miles/2 hours. Please contact PICA’s box office at 503-224-PICA with any access or accommodation questions or concerns.

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