Joseph Smith’s word.

Tonight, two LDS missionaries came up to me on the street, in the dark, one of them fresh-faced in that Mormon missionary way. He did all of the talking, as he asked me whether I’d encountered an LDS mission worker in the past.

(Me, to test him): Well, I’ve had sex with one.

Oh, did they get a chance to share the Word with you?

No, we didn’t get that far.

Were you hoping to hear the Word, or…

I don’t know. It just happened.

So. Was it a boy and a girl?

It was a guy.

Interesting… (He smiled throughout, persistently keeping my attention, in a bland but cheerily friendly way.)

I shrugged. ‘It happened.’

He didn’t flinch throughout, which I appreciated for a couple of reasons, so I let him make my pitch. I told him the same thing I tell every Christianist crusader – I’m Jewish, and if it was good enough for Jesus to be Jewish… it’s probably good enough for me. This more-or-less ended the conversation, though he noted that he’s been studying Judaism, and then gave a copy of the Book of Mormon, and…. his phone number. Thank you, Elder Moore.


Tonight: 12 Step for Everyone?


12 Step for Everyone?

Buster Ross, MA, CSC, LPC, and CADC II

Certified Sexuality Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II

Friday, September 25th, 2015

5:30pm-7:30 pm

The 4th Dimension Recovery Center

3807 NE MLK jr. Blvd, Portland, OR 97227

Clock Hours: 2



Introduction: Few things are criticized as poorly as 12-Step recovery communities, and the steps and traditions that guide them. The popularly cited “5% statistic” quoted in media is the result of misunderstood data improperly characterized. The perceived focus on “God”, even on “Higher Power”, ignores the reality of the countless agnostic and atheist members of 12-Step recovery communities. The reality is that the process underlying the 12-Steps, when understood systemically, offers a framework that is consistent and compatible with essentially every modern therapeutic paradigm. 12-Step literature illuminates a process of self-reflection and growth based on looking at human instinct and behavior in a way that is universally relevant and useful, whether or not a person has an addiction disorder or not.  This presentation will outline the 12-Step process using historical literature, and help those in recovery and those not in recovery have a stronger understanding of 12-Step as a process, where each step causes the step that follows it. CE’s available to therapists and providers looking to better understand 12-Step recovery.

Target Audience:  Alumni, People in recovery, Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers (all levels)



This presentation is designed to help participants:

  • Define key language from AA’s Big Book and 12×12 using concordance dictionary sources.
  • Identify fundamental concepts of underlying each of the 12 Steps.
  • Recognize the similarities of 12-Step recovery and various therapeutic modalities.
  • Locate where the direction for each step appears in AA’s Big Book

Presenter’s Biography:

Buster Ross, MA, CSC, LPC, and CADC

Buster is the National Director of LGBTQ-Integrative Treatment Programming at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, and is based in Springbrook, OR.  An AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, and Licensed Professional Counselor, they trained at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center Lodge Program – studying 12-Step literature with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s celebrated 12-Step historian, Fred Holmquist. Buster teaches at the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies and trains helping professionals throughout the United States. Their recent research on LGBTQ people and substance use disorders appears in a 2014 edition of the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. Buster is currently supporting the implementation of LGBTQ-Integrative approaches throughout Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s clinical programs, including the Betty Ford Center.

King St Lofts, ugh.

Vic Remmers’ King Street Lofts had its grand opening this past weekend; it seems it’s already 40% rented, despite (or because of) its rents beginning at 1300/month. When pressed on this horribly ugly building being plopped into my neighborhood like a doo-doo ring pressed from the bowels of a General Mills plant and tossed into a neighborhood that neither wants nor can afford it… the agent on duty at the Lofts said, “Change happens.”

So ugly.


Tonight: Dance Class: Intro to Earthquake Preparedness Training


Tonight, 7 pm, at Lightbox Kulturhaus:

Earthquake Preparedness Training introduces personal dance and movement training to navigate shaky times. Discover tools and techniques to expand one’s personal and physical awareness, precision, sensitivity and coordination.

Admission $25

Facilitator – Jacob Mooney

Location: Lightbox Kulturhaus – 2027 NE MLK Jr Blvd
(Enter through glass doors behind Tiny’s Coffee NE)