This Friday, at Vanport Square Studio: No More Sidelines!! This Stops Now!


“Do not stay on the sidelines we need you to speak out!!! Demand statements from our political leaders…. How do they expect us to support and trust them when they REFUSE to Speak Out Against this Continued VIOLENCE against Black Lives In America!!
Invite Everyone to this EVENT!! This is a Protest and We NEED YOU!!”

5229 NE MLK Boulevard.


Who gets to develop the King/Rosa Parks site?

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, forever asleep on the job, apparently didn’t realize that tossing the empty King/Parks lot to out-of-town developers (see: Development Commission’s inane and dangerous decision to give the Vanport lot to Majestic Realty) would result in any controversy. Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives disagreed, and…

How a backroom deal helped Portland dodge another gentrification controversy


Black-owned nightclub under siege by the city?

Now, she’s alleging in court that the government response was part of a pattern of Portland-area regulators cracking down on black-owned nightspots.

Thames is bringing a $22 million federal lawsuit against the agencies she says drove her from her business at the corner of Northeast Columbia and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards.


A $22 Million Federal Lawsuit Says Portland Discriminated Against a Black Nightclub Owner