GENTRIFICATION SPOTLIGHT: How Portland is Pushing Out Its Black Residents

At Colorlines:

 GENTRIFICATION SPOTLIGHT: How Portland is Pushing Out Its Black Residents

While the entire city is facing the stress of rising rents, Portland’s Black community has grappled with gentrification for more than a decade. From 2000 to 2010, the city’s core lost 10,000 Black residents. In the historically Black neighborhoods of the Northeast such as King, Woodlawn and Boise-Eliot, Whites became the new majority in most census tracts.

Instead of nurturing this community, the Portland Development Commission launched numerous “urban renewal” projects with the purported goal of addressing blight. Aiming to convert the land to commercial and industrial uses, the city displaced hundreds of residents to build a sports arena, expand a hospital, and construct two new highways.

Pounce, Play and Stay – Cat Hotel on MLK Boulevard

I can’t do better than the photos and ‘virtual tour’ of the cat hotel here, so I won’t try:

This Cat Hotel Makes Portland, Oregon A Dream Destination For You AND Your Cat!

“Pounce, Play and Stay joins Portland’s ever growing cat-hospitality industry, including Purringtons Cat Lounge, located on the same street.”

Pounce, Play and Stay – 2800 NE MLK. The Eliot neighborhood stretch of MLK Boulevard continues to fill in, slow and steady.


Mayoral forum on economic development tonight at New Song Community Church, 2511 NE MLK.


TONIGHT: Mayoral Debate Will Focus on Economic Development for Communities of Color
“As Portland grapples with population growth, increased construction activity and needed infrastructure changes in the transportation system, our next mayor must be prepared with strategies to address the disparities in jobs, housing, and transportation that exist for Portland’s communities of color.”—NAMC-Oregon
Tonight, the Oregon chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors will host a mayoral debate focusing on economic development and Portland’s communities of color. A panel of minority-owned business representatives and advocates will ask the candidates to speak to how they would address these issues as mayor of Portland.
Thursday, April 7, 2016 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm at New Song Community Church
Andrew Colas – NAMC-Oregon/Colas Construction
Alando Simpson – NAMC-Oregon/City of Roses/ OTC
Oscar Arana – Hispanic Metropolitan Chambers
Tony Jones – MCIP/Coalition of Black Men
Tony DeFalco – Living Cully Coalition/Small Business Owner