The Sibert’s logo is painted on the back of 4545 NE MLK, where it’s been for quite a while (though not the oldest painted advertisement for a business on the boulevard). The building housed Sibert’s beginning in about 1953, and it lasted there no longer than a decade.



Alchemy Cafe.

It seems like I’ll never find a blog theme I like. I’m too cheap to buy one, so whatevs for that. At least the pictures are bigger on the screen now, with this other-wise terrible theme.

It’s been five years since I started this blog! …and I have thousands of photos, and oodles of blog entries I’ll never get to. Tonight I have some time, so I’ll drop a few. Thanks, if you read this, for keeping an eye on me!

Alchemy Cafe, at Dekum and MLK. It’s been open since wintertime. Good food, though too-small portion for what one pays. Hipster-y woo-woo – perfect ingredients, drum circles, and a chilly capitalist mindset bracing it from behind – welcome to the new Northeast.

Not the greatest photos – there’s something about this place that leaves me cold.

alchemy2 alchemy1 alchemy3