Vanport Square Studio fall singers intensive.

vssslugPerformance Showcase Intensive

Six Sessions

3 Saturdays: 11/9, 11/16 & 11/23 From 10a-12:30p

3 Sundays: 11/17, 11/23 & 12/1 From 2p-5p


Take your performance presence and craft to a whole new level. Seven singers will dig -in deep to explore their performance practice, cultivate their artistry and hone their craftsmanship as they risk beyond their personal edges during this in-depth process designed to develop solo performance chops. Each participant creates their own “mini-set” of 4-6 songs in the musical style of their choice.

Join VSS founder Michelle Kopper Seymour (performance coach, producer, director) and accomplished pianist, singer, composer & musical director Mont Chris Hubbard (Scotland Barr & the Slow Drags, Broadway Rose Theatre, OCT) for this popular showcase opportunity. Intended for performers with some experience, Interview Required.

Limited to 7 participants.
Tuition $400

Vanport Square Studio.

Fire damages Muslim Community Center on MLK, this afternoon.

Fire damaged the Muslim Community Center in Northeast Portland today (3801 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). Unlike three fires in the recent past on MLK Boulevard that were intentionally set, one at a low-income clinic, another at a soul food restaurant, and a third at an apartment building that was nearly completed, this fire appears to have been set accidentally.

Police report there were no injuries.



ICTC seeks volunteers.

International Center for Traditional Childbearing – Volunteer Opportunities

ICTC needs your help! We want to expand our efforts to reduce infant mortality, improve healthy birth outcomes and provide direct services to women and families throughout Oregon and abroad, but we need you to make it happen. Positions include: Camp Counselors, Office Assistant, Outreach and Promotion, Fund Development, Driver and Photographer, Videographer and Film Director. For more information contact ICTC via email or phone 503.460.9324

ICTC is at 2942 NE MLK.

Standing in the Gap…Together – tonight, 6:30 pm

The spirit of cross class/race partnerships? Simple. The practice of partnerships across difference? Complicated. Justice demands thoughtful attention.

Nancy M. Thurston and Sharon Gary-Smith have led very different lives, yet both are committed to forging partnerships right in the middle of the gaps that cut across our world. In their unique ways, both have worked to address and understand injustice through listening to diverse voices, diving into challenging conversations, and engaging in transformative action.

Along the way, Nancy, a financially wealthy Euro-American woman, and Sharon, a middle class African American woman, discovered that the way to change the system was to change their own lives.

Please join us for a conversation about how we can understand each other, our differences, and our similarities and how, by working together, we can ensure our commitment to social justice becomes our reality.

Seating is limited, please RSVP online or call us at 503-289-1517 to reserve your seat.

This event is free and wheelchair accessible.

Presenter Information

Nancy Thurston’s wealth flows from West Texas natural gas fields, yet she is committed to sustainable resources. Nancy worked for fifteen years as a physical therapist but didn’t fully land in her own body, including her white skin, until middle age. She immersed herself in the past to learn to be present. Nancy lives in Portland, Oregon, but knows her neighborhood is global.  Big Topics at Midnight: A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself is her first book.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Sharon Gary-Smith learned at an early age that while her family’s middle class status provided wonderful opportunities and experiences, it didn’t shield her from those who attempted to diminish, disrespect or ignore her, all because of her skin color, gender and short stature. Sharon has been a leader in social justice philanthropy, civil rights, and health equity for over two decades in both Portland and Atlanta, Georgia. As the executive director of MRG Foundation, Sharon leads a multi-racial, cross-class effort to build the social justice movement through activist-led philanthropy.


6:30pm – 9:00pm
3727 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland

Slo’ Jams at Local Lounge.


Slo Jams is a Queer Modern R&B & Neo Soul dance night on 2nd Fridays at Local Lounge.

DJ II TRILL (TWERK) and DJ MEXXX-TAPE lay down everything from Mary J // Jagged Edge// Keyshia to Badu//Lauryn//TheeSatisfaction Ect. Ect.

Flyer by Ebin Lee

We will be doing Holla-grams: Put on a number sticker at the door. See someone cute? Write them a note and we will deliver it to your crush..

Come get grown & sexy with us..


Safer Space Enforced//Haterphobic Situation

Next Slo James: Friday, October 11th!