The Planned Parenthood protests: 40 Days For Life, and a response.

The 40 Days For Life prayer campaign is underway, having begun with last Sunday’s protests. Here’s a few folks out this afternoon:

In response to the anti-abortion protests at Planned Parenthood, Rebecca Lewis writes in The Portland Socialist (Volume 1, Issue 1, February 2010):

…Although the right is attempting to give themselves a veneer of radicalism by positioning themselves as advocates for children of color, what they’re really doing is taking the sexist and racist position that women, especially women of color, can’t think for themselves and make a conscious decision about how to take care of their own bodies.

Very few of the anti-choice protesters were from the neighborhood, and their argument fell on deaf ears, especially as most of the people who spouted that garbage were white men. The case against the new Planned Parenthood loses even more credibility when one considers that it’s the first and only clinic in the Portland area in a community of color.

The right-wing extremists were also not beyond threats of violence to get their point across. One demonstrator held a sign that said, “Read doctors don’t kill babies.” When challenged to explain the recent murder of Dr. George Tiller at his Wichita, Kan., clinic, he replied, “It’s a good thing he’s not around to commit mass murder anymore.” In another incident, a clinic defender was told by an anti-choice protester that he’d like to take a gun and shoot all the pro-choice activists…

These protests should be recognized for what they are: An attempt to close our clinics and intimidate doctors and clinic staff, as well as women, in order to eliminate abortion as an option for women in working-class communities.