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Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI).

Representatives of Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI) will be addressing the King Neighborhood Association tomorrow (Wednesday, November 10),  in the wake of a recent incident at a property owned by PCRI.

The vision of PCRI is  “to provide affordable housing and associated services that achieve family stability, self-sufficiency and resident wealth creation.”

PCRI is headquartered at 6329 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, in a Piedmont neighborhood property, called the M.G. Nease House:

Local ‘amateur architectural historian’ James Heuer has a page of photos of the inside of the Nease House. He writes:

The M. G. Nease House was designed by Alfred Faber for one of the many newly wealthy lumber entrepreneurs in 1908. In form it is an enlarged bungalow with characteristic Craftsman Style detailing… When PCRI acquired the building it was in marginal condition, with many disruptive alterations having been performed by its prior owners. After 2 years of painstaking rehabilitation, PCRI moved into their new offices in early 2006. The work they did, as shown in these photos is remarkable for the dedication shown to preserving and restoring the architectural details of this once, and now again, grand home.

For more on the PCRI’s visit to King NA tomorrow and a discussion of  how PCRI’s efforts on behalf of lower-income Portlanders impacts our neighborhoods, you can read King NA blog posts here, and here. Everyone is welcome to attend the NA meeting. King NA’s Trace Salmon also made available the transcript of an interview he conducted with Maxine Fitzpatrick, executive director of PCRI.

KGW aired a recent story on the completion of two townhouses built by PCRI. These homes are billed as energy efficient, and are part of a long-term project of making ‘green’ homes available for purchase by families with low-to-moderate incomes.

PCRI is on facebook and twitter; its website also hosts a blog about PCRI news, as well as general information for homeowners.