Decorative bike parts: 3821 NE MLK.

Following up on the bike parts seen in the last post, please take a look at the recycled bike parts turned into streetside adornment at 3821 NE MLK:

This spot is about to open as a tattoo shop, after the two-storefront commercial building was rehabbed last year. The building itself has been standing since 1922; it is owned by Beech Street Partners, who are the developers of the Beech Street Project/Planned Parenthood building (which had its usual Friday afternoon protesters today).  The other half of the building is the Champions Barbershop, which opened a few months back.

Rehabbing a building, Alberta & MLK

The long dormant building at Alberta & NE MLK, southwest corner, and the two buildings that are south of it and attached are being rehabbed for future leasing:

The lot that is shown specifically in pictures two and four above, on the south side of Alberta, once held an Edsel dealership.

edit: Thanks to Jim, who left a comment below about the Edsel dealership. The dealership was Alford’s, and if you go to the Edsel dealer locator, choose Oregon, and click on the Alford’s name, it will take you to a nifty Alford’s Edsel ad.