Food carts at MLK & Lombard: a mini-review.

I finally made it down to the food carts at the intersection of MLK & Lombard recently. There are five carts on this lot now.

  • Don Pedro’s Mexican:

Don Pedro has the misfortune to be across the street from a Taco Bell.


  • Stevie’s Chicken and Waffles (or Wafflles, depending on where you’re looking):

According to a flier that Stevie handed me, the waffles “are made with Stevie’s Secret Recipe, using Colt 45 – Works Every Time!” He also has vegan waffles; a blizzard of chicken and waffles dishes, including The Billy Dee (1/4 chicken, one waffle, and a side of grits); deep fried twinkies, and more.

Waffle toppings include maple syrup, Nutella, honey, mallow fluff, and agave syrup.You can phone in an order at 610-202-3559.


  • Thai Take Away:

This is the only cart I’ve gotten food from yet. In fact, all of the people at the lot were getting food from this cart only, when I stopped by. I had reasonably tasty Pad Thai – good for a meal on the go,  but not a meal I’d go out of my way for. Thai’s hard to come by near that intersection, though.


  • Sweet Street Bar-b-que:


  • Philly’s Best:

I grew up in and around Philadelphia, but I’ve never been big on beef or pork, so I’m going to have to rely on other folks to report on this cart’s food.

Who can say how long any of these carts will stay at MLK/Lombard? A few weeks ago, the Willamette Week reported on Cartpocalypse (really, Cartastrophe would’ve been a much better name for this piece – why drag in the mystical aspects of an apocalyptic ending to the food cart bonanza?).  The article quotes cart-ier Gregg Abbott: “As many carts from the east side that can find a spot downtown, are going to find a spot downtown.”

(See the next post below for more photos from this food cart lot.)

Have you been to any of these carts for food? What was your experience?




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